Oakfield Academy aims to create a learning environment where we can inspire pupils to believe in their abilities and to achieve their full academic potential, no matter what a pupil’s starting point may be.

We aim to explore all possibilities in a pupil’s learning diet to ensure they leave with the skills to succeed in all future endeavours both academically and socially. Learning is a lifelong skill, something that informs and reforms people’s lives and we model to our pupils through lessons activities, extra-curricular opportunities and the wider school community that they should be ‘Proud to Learn’ and demonstrate that in all they do. Effort, determination and resilience lead to positive outcomes for pupils and we use these learning ethics to deliver a strong curriculum here at the academy.

Our staff regularly take part in professionally developing themselves through in-house training, visiting other establishments or creating their very own classroom-based research projects. This again models to pupils that even teachers will want to improve their own learning to help facilitate the needs of their pupils.

We have a designated Teaching and Learning Twitter feed (@Oakfield_TandL) where staff continually exhibit the fantastic methods of learning across the academy to show that learning can happen through any number of tasks and activities.

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