1 March 2021

Dear Parents,

From Monday 8th March, we will be doing Handball and Football for KS3 PE lessons.  We still ask that pupils arrive at school in PE kit.  The required kit for their lessons is:

Handball - Oakfield PE Outdoor Kit (including layers to keep warm). Fingerless gloves or gloves with grip are allowed.

Football - As above including black football socks and as they will be on the field, pupils will also need to bring in the following:

Football boots (if they have them) or spare trainers (if they don't have football boots)

A carrier bag, boot bag or PE bag to carry the football boots or muddy trainers

Shinpads (if they have them)

The pupils will change into their football boots or trainers that they can get muddy, in the Outdoor Classroom leaving their clean trainers or school shoes in their bag to change back into at the end of the lesson.

Football lessons will be on the following days:

7A - Friday

7C - Wednesday

7O - Thursday

7R - Tuesday

7N - Thursday

7S - Wednesday


8A - Wednesday

8C - Monday

8O - Tuesday

8R - Monday

8N - Friday

8S - Thursday


Thank you for your support with this.


Kind regards


Miss Pullen

Head of PE