January 2021

Happy new year to you all. I hope we are ready to go for what might be a slightly different term but with the same overall goal; to work hard and learn some fabulous, interesting and exciting knowledge and skills across a range of subjects. 

You will find here all your Google Classroom codes for your classes.  We have used this platform over the last 2 terms to set learning, homework, greater depth and scholarship tasks and provide helpful feedback with next steps. Or maybe just to share some of the fantastic successes you are all continuing to provide us with.

This is now where you will find your remote learning whilst you are at home. I have emailed you all with the expectations and how to be successful when you are at home using Google Classroom, (such a cringey video sorry!!)

The key thing to remember is this

- Follow your normal timetable

- Your teacher will set you challenging tasks

- You may have to turn in some work so you can have some feedback

- We will still want to reward your hard work with smilies, merits and Infinity Award nominations 

 - You will need your gmail account logins and this link will help with getting setup. You need to join all your classes, this is very important.

Take Care and regularly check your emails and Google Classroom

Mr McGrath (Deputy Head teacher)

Home Learning Communications

Little Lessons: Resources We Can All Use


         Art               Computing              D.T .               Drama                English             French            Geography            P.S,H.E


     History                Maths                Music           Performing Arts        P.E.                Science             Spanish              Infinity 

How to contact your year head

If you have questions regarding your learning, your child’s learning or just want to share all of your own or your child’s fabulous achievements please use the relevant email addresses below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Year 5


Year 6


Year 7


Year 8