Art Little Lessons

Our Little Lessons have been created by each subject to help you in your learning away from the academy. They may be 

  • Short, succinct video clips about key parts of the subject
  • Recommendations by your teachers of what to watch and read
  • Interactive tasks including Doddle and MyMaths
  • Independent and Shared tasks you can do with your family

They can also really help you with homework, project work and general learning in lessons. Whether it's about how to analyse a sonnet from Shakespeare, processes of long multiplication, reading and weather map or how to remember your numbers in Spanish the materials here, (both from teachers and pupils) will help you throughout the year.

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Opportunity for work to be exhibited in a local Exhibition of creative work made during the lockdown.

The Academy has been invited to participate in the Frome Community Exhibition, which is being planned in partnership with Edventure, Health Connections Mendip and the Make Shed.

The plan is for the exhibition to feature arts and crafts of all kinds that have been created during this period of isolation, and which people may also use to reflect upon their different experiences of this time. When it's safe to come together and lockdown begins to loosen, we will be contacted with a date and venue for the exhibition.

In addition to arts and crafts we would like to also include any stories, songs and poetry and photographs you may have created.

So if you would like to have any art or creative work you have made during the lockdown included in the exhibition please keep it safe until we can exhibit it safely.

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