18 June 2020

Message to all pupils from Jackdaws Education Trust Music Project aimed at Primary age

Would you enjoy some further arts participation at home, or at school, to bridge this and other gaps due to the pandemic? Jackdaws have created a mini
online project called HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEETHOVEN which can be done just for fun for free or, also, to enter for a Discover Arts Award (An introductory qualification from Trinity Exam Board), at a £5 rate for pupils at Somerset schools. (They would receive a very smart certificate if they completed the log and entered for the qualification).

All you need to do is follow the info on the webpage: https://www.jackdaws.org.uk/education/ arts-award/discover-day/ and if they want to enter for the award that can be done via the webpage also, but that is not essential to taking part.

It would also work as a one-off lesson. This is what you have to do; Download a log to fill in and complete the 4 steps of the project.


Discover and take part
Step 1 - discover the art forms in the links provided to listen to and watch Step 2 - Learn the song - Happy Birthday Beethoven - using the song sheet and teaching videos. You can sign and play homemade percussion as well.


Find out
Step 3 - find out some interesting facts about Beethoven and share your favourites on your log


Perform Happy Birthday Beethoven to someone in your family or school, with friends or on your own using the performance video.
Ask them what they thought and tell us what you enjoyed most!

Well done you have completed the Happy Birthday Beethoven mini project.
Why not upload your log and enter for your Arts Award Discover certificate!