13 July 2020

This video can be watched via our video page which is located on our 'What's on ' Page.

The time has finally arrived! After a couple of months of rehearsing all the amazing acts, emailing videos and editing, Oakfield Academy’s virtual talent show has now finally come together and is ready to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you choose. Apologies to all expert movie makers and editors out there as this is my first attempt using this type of software and I’ve learnt ‘on the job’ but thankfully the acts all speak for themselves and it’s quite clear that Oakfield Academy clearly does HAVE TALENT! I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the parents/carers who have supported our pupils in getting their ‘talents’ rehearsed and then sent in to the Academy but most of all my thanks go to all our amazing students, families and staff who have been brave enough to get involved and put themselves forward. You are all wonderful and have created something really special to be treasured and enjoyed again and again. I’d like to wish everyone a happy and healthy summer break and look forward to us all being back together again in September. Thank you and ENJOY!

Ms C L Parsons (Head of Performing Arts)