4 February 2021


Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of Happiness

- George Santayana

Lockdown after lockdown, cancelled activity after cancelled activity, parents are feeling the strain.  We know that children’s mental health was at worrying levels pre-covid and we know that the lack of certainty, time frames, support and decrease in quality relationships are all having a major impact on both parents and their children.  

With special needs in the mix, it’s particularly difficult.  And that’s been the over arching theme this past year from parents across the world, seeking more support for their children.  The African proverb:  "It takes a village to raise a child” is well known and a popular phrase to use, specifically for this reason and especially pertinent in a time like this.

I first met Georgina Smith, a Dyslexia specialist, through trying to find extra support for my own daughter. It didnt take long before Georgina and I started talking about our passion for helping parents and how we both did a lot of our work online.  The next thing we knew, an international online parent conference was born with this aim: 

We wanted to make sure parents could have trusted and accessible information, which could empower and equip them straight away in how they support their children.

And best of all, eight other specialists felt the same and jumped on board!  We are very proud of the line up of presenters, all very experienced and highly regarded due to their hard work and passion for making a difference.

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Meet our experienced panel of passionate presenters!

The conference will be held from 6pm onwards to enable parents, grandparents and all the wider family to attend.  Their whole “village” can now be on the same page in how to best support their childs needs! 
  • 1st to 5th March 2021

  • First slot is 6-7pm UK Time ( 8-9pm SA Time)

  • Second slot is 7-8pm UK Time (9-10pm SA Time)

  • Tickets are limited

  • 100% of proceeds will be gifted to two worthy charities - Talking SENse and The Chaeli Campaign.  Presenters are giving their time for free!

Click below to find out more about each presenter, their experience and what their presentation will be covering or keep scrolling down.    Any questions, just send them to 
Eloise:  eloise@growthandgrit.org
Georgina: georgina.smith@dyslexia-codebreakers.co.uk
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