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To find the work set for your year group this term, click on the links below. 


English Little Lessons Y5

Homework - Year 5

English Little Lessons Y6

Homework - Year 6

English Little Lessons Y7

Homework - Year 7

English Little Lessons Y8

Homework - Year 8

Grammar Retrieval Quizzes - Years 5, 6 and 7

Writing Prompts: A Video Guide from Mrs Pinches

Part 1 - getting started - and setting

This covers ideas for a good writing environment, picture prompt for the start of a story, thinking about senses, introducing 5Ws.

Part 2 - character

This covers review of setting paragraph, creating a spider diagram to decide on main protagonist for the story, show not tell, task to create paragraph or 2 to introduce your character.

Part 3 - plot

This covers review of character paragraph(s), planning for plot (mainly storyboard) and task to write first draft of the story.

Part 4 - editing

This reviews the first draft, looks at why we need to edit and why it's helpful to ask someone else to edit your work...and how to use their suggestions. Task is to write out (or word process) final version.

As a Brucie bonus...I'm also adding a Zoom conversation I had with my daughter, who helped me edit my story...I refer to this in the main vid for Part 4 - but it's not essential to the process. This video gives a bit more detail around how to give and accept editing advice for anyone who might be interested.

Part 5 - final piece, review and share

This looks at the final piece, reviewing our work (2 stars, a wish and next steps) and how to share stories, recordings, anything we are proud of in our writing this week.