***Sept 2021 Update from Somerset County Council. Unfortunately,there is limited school transport

available due to social distancing requirements and the availability of transport staff. Currently we anticipate that this situation will continue into the Autumn term. I would therefore strongly advise you to plan to make your own arrangements for travel wherever possible so that we can try to meet the needs of all children. There is financial help available, in the form of a fuel allowance, for families who undertake to transport a child to school who is eligible for free transport. Details are available from your school transport officer at schooltransportrequests@somerset.gov.uk  Details of the home to school transport available to you, will be included in your communications from individual schools. ***

Pupils who live in our outlying villages may apply to Somerset Direct on 01845 355890 to see if they are eligible for free travel on one of the dedicated coaches.  If families find they are not eligible they may pay Somerset Direct to use this service.

Families need to live within three miles of the Academy and Oakfield needs to be the catchment school for their area in order to be eligible.

Pupils over 12 years old are permitted to cycle to the Academy with parental permission. Pupils under 12 years old need to have completed a recognised proficiency course or ride to school with their parents.  All pupils riding to/ from Oakfield and using our cycle sheds need to register their bicycles with the Academy.