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Oakfield offers an exciting and innovative Design Technology experience, which includes learning in resistant materials, textiles and food.

Our Specialist Design Technology Team

Ms Lesley Peat, (Head of Design and Technology/ DT,) Mrs Philippa Nightingale (DT Teacher.) & Natalie Booth (DT Technician)



Students will learn a variety of hand and machine sewing skills while developing fun projects using a variety of dying methods.

Resistant Materials

Pupils do projects from the beginning of Y5 through to year 8 that allow them to use a variety of different materials and build on skills year on year.  Pupils are taught in both of the specialist rooms in all years.


At Oakfield we are committed to teaching pupils about the importance of healthy eating and also teaching them the skills that they need to produce food as part of a healthy diet.

Pupils benefit from a specially equipped room, that encourages them to work independently to develop cooking skills supported by theory work that enables them to analyse the nutritional benefits of the dishes they make.



DT Documents

Pupils preparing their cooking ingredients

Cooking fish cakes

Year 7 Pupils - Cooking Fish Cakes

Fabric Monsters

Year 8 have been marbling fabric and creating monsters in Design Technology. Here are some amazing examples of ones they have finished so far.  Miss Nightingale is so proud of
everyone's efforts.



Y8 Jigsaw Puzzles

Sewing Projects

Sewing projects


Embroidery projects

Made by the pupils in our Flexible Learning Group


Clocks 2021

Picture Frames 

Picture Frames

Door Hangers 

Door hangers

Carnival Floats 

Carnival Floats

Y5 Sewing Projects 

Year 5 Sewing Projects 2021

Y5 Door Hangers 

Year 5 Door hangers

Y6 Carnival Floats 

Y6 Carnival Floats 2021

Y6 Pencil Holders 

Year 6 Pencil holders

Y7 Clocks 

Year 7 Clocks

Y7 Bean Bags 

Year 7 Bean bags











Please find below the recipe sheets which have been given to your child.


Year 5

Year 5 Recipes

Year 6

Year 6 Recipes

Year 7

Year 7 Recipes

Year 8

Year 8 Recipes

Careers documents - Design Technology