Pupils preparing their cooking ingredients

Oakfield offers an exciting and innovative Design Technology experience, which includes learning in resistant materials, textiles and food.

Our Specialist Design Technology Team

Ms Lesley Peat, (Head of Design and Technology/ DT,) Mrs Philippa Nightingale (DT Teacher.)


Students will learn a variety of hand and machine sewing skills while developing fun projects using a variety of dying methods.


At Oakfield we are committed to teaching pupils about the importance of healthy eating and also teaching them the skills that they need to produce food as part of a healthy diet.

Pupils benefit a specially equipped classroom that encourages creativity and design within a wide range of specialist areas including wood, plastic and graphics.

At Oakfield pupils also learn how to make tasty recipes as well as crafting using a variety of textiles and techniques.

Annual Food and Textile Competitions:

Gingerbread: Christmas competition. Every year we run a competition for pupils to design and make their own Gingerbread design. The entries are judged by 2 key stages (KS2 & KS3) prizes are awarded for each year group.

DT Documents

Sewing projects

Year 7 Pupils - Cooking Fish Cakes

DT Year 5 Greeting cards

DT Year 6 Pencil Cases

DT Year 7 Clocks

DY Year 7 Keyrings

DT Year 8 Cushions

DT Year 8 Felting

DT Year 8 Smart Materials