The Oakfield Infinity curriculum

We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive, knowledge-rich, challenging, and engaging Oakfield Curriculum that empowers pupils to deepen their understanding, broaden perspectives, and achieve strong outcomes. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure that every pupil maximizes their learning experience, fostering curiosity, resilience, and the development of well-rounded community members.

The learning pathway at Oakfield is designed to be broad, balanced, and appropriate for all pupils, irrespective of their prior attainment or additional learning needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the varied class structures, which include both ability groupings and mixed groups. We firmly believe that every pupil can make excellent progress, and we proactively monitor and adjust teaching groups as needed.

Enrichment is a cornerstone of the Oakfield experience, providing pupils with a multitude of opportunities beyond formal lessons. From engaging school trips to participation in sports, music, dramatic productions, encounters with visiting speakers, and leadership opportunities, we ensure that pupils have a well-rounded and holistic education.

For any inquiries about the Oakfield Curriculum, we invite you to reach out to Mr. Bowker through the main school office. Your curiosity and engagement with our educational approach are always welcome.