Year 7 2023/2024

Welcome to Year 7 


It definitely does not seem like a year since I welcomed you into year 6 .... it's been an interesting year that everyone has taken in their stride and managed really well!

I hope you are looking forward to your new adventures in year 7 and all the opportunities that will be on offer to you!

I am definitely looking forward to another year of being your Head of Year .


Miss Nightingale Head of Year


Mrs Roynon 7A

Mrs Newland 7C   

Mrs Hall  and Miss Mundy 7O

Miss Penny   7R     

Miss Morris 7N                               

Mr Reynolds  7S

Mrs Brooks   FLG- Flexible Learning Group

Being updated

Map of Oakfield Academy 2023/2024



Create a list of questions and see if you can answer them by looking at the school web site – if not then keep them to ask your teachers.

Write a letter to your tutor telling them about yourself – include your interests, something about your family, have you got any pets, what are your hobbies.  Perhaps tell them about some if the things you have been doing during the time away from school

Transition - All about me

Transition - Booklet

Transition scenarios



Year 7 Letters 2023/2024

Whole School Letters 2023/2024