We use Parentpay to communicate with parents by letter or message as well as using this system to pay for trips and purchase school lunches.

Parentpay is an innovative system which will enable parents to put money into a Parentpay account. This money is then available for your child to pay for their food at break/lunchtime by simply using their fingerprint to pay!

This system improves the services we are able to offer students and staff significantly, with many benefits including:

  • Items purchased are recorded at the till and automatically paid for via the Parentpay account
  • You can see what your child selected to eat
  • You can restrict the amount your child spends at break/lunchtime
  • There is no need for pupils to carry cash
  • Pupils will not have to remember to bring in money
  • Reduction in opportunities for losing or finding alternative ways of spending cash.
  • Reduction in queuing time
  • You will be politely reminded if the balance runs out on your account
  • Pupils in receipt of free school meals will use exactly the same system

We would like to make it clear that Oakfield Academy will comply at all times with Data Protection Act and with the provisions of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (which came into force in September 2013) regarding the use of biometric data.

Parent Pay

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When your child joins Oakfield Academy they will be given a letter containing your log in details for parent pay.

We don't recommend using the Bank Transfer option to make a payment as this is like a direct debit and can take up to 5 working days to leave your bank account.  We recommend adding to basket and using a debit card to pay for items.